Wellness room no. 2

Relax in the whirlpool in two and relax in the king size bed across the whole room

Rest like a royal couple in the biggest bed in the Czech Republic with a size of 320x264 cm

Suitable for maximum of two persons


This cosy wellness room for maximum of two people is perfect for couples because of its intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Modern architectural elements are intermixed with painted beam ceiling from the baroque era. It is dated to the time before the Swedish occupation, approximately to the year 1709. This ceiling was restored by the artistic restorer Phdr. Lubomír Dvořák.

Let yourself be carried away on the waves of history and rest!

Why choose this room Explore the benefits of your choice


Hydro massage, pearl bath with chromotherapy

Spacious shower

Glassed shower accessed directly from the room

Number of persons

Suitable for maximum of two persons

Design chairs & king size bed

Relaxation possible on design chairs or in royal bed

Fridge in the room

Fridge is available for cooling down your beverages

Lemon water pitcher

Refreshments during your whole stay

Towel service

Big towel, sheet for sauna and a blanket to cover yourself

TV in room

All rooms have a TV with satellite channels

Free Wifi

Free wireless network available

Mood LED lighting

Lighting adjustable according to your needs

Hair dryer

You leave with your hair clean and dry

Non-smoking room

Apart from the terrace in room 6 there’s no smoking area

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