Vítejte v RELAX STUDIU hotelu ARIGONE Je čas na nové věci uvolnění a odpočinek Welcome to RELAX STUDIO at hotel ARIGONE Willkommen in RELAX STUDIO des Hotels ARIGONE Welcome to RELAX STUDIO at hotel ARIGONE It's time for new things to enjoy and relax RELAX STUDIO ARIGONE Nejlepší místo, kde si užívat život A best place to enjoy your life RELAX STUDIO ARIGONE Let's relax!

Welcome to RELAX STUDIO at hotel ARIGONE ***** Special place for special moments of special people *****

Time for new things – time to rest and calm with us.

Let yourself be pampered and treat your body and soul with one of our massages.

The power of the touch is an indispensable part of human being. Massage affects both the internal organs and relaxes emotional tension. It has probably been used since prehistory. Pain can be intuitively removed by friction, kneading, and squeezing, which is one of the basic masseur touches.

The oldest written memories of the massage come from Egypt dating back five thousand years before our century, and the Egyptians were taught by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks and Jews.

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Our massage offer

CLASSIC MASSAGE **** Time for your break, time to touch the whole body *****


classic massage

Bring the harmony to your body and soul
Calming the body also stimulates and starts the whole body for optimal performance.

It is suitable for all who want to relax, take new strength and release  back pain at the same time.

Classic massage positively affects the blood circulation of tissues, removes metabolic waste products, releases massaged muscles and improves joint mobility. It alleviates headaches, migraines, general fatigue, and stress. In the mental serenity, the classic massage has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and positively affects the psychic state of the person in general.

Classical massage is inappropriate for feverish, bleeding, inflammatory and skin diseases, burns, bruises, or swelling.

The use of high-quality aromatherapy bio oils and their aroma will provide an unusual experience for all senses.

We offer massage in 3 variants and each in 3 possible lengths of treatment: 

  • Classic massage (40, 70 and 90 minutes)
  • Classic massage extended by warming up (60, 90 and 110 minutes)
  • Classic massage extended with paraffin wraps (70, 100 and 120 minutes)

PREGNANCY MASSAGE ***** When to relax more than in pregnancy time *****


Pregnancy massage

Relaxation for mother and expecting child
Total relax for women in expectation to have physical and mental regeneration.

If you suffer from back pain in pregnancy,if you can not even sleep, your feet and fingers are swollen, do not hesitate to come for a pregnancy massage!

Maternity massage is a classic massage specially adapted to the needs of pregnant women. The woman lies on her side at the massage table, suitably supported by pillows.

After a massage you will not just relax, but you will also greatly support your health. After one hour of pregnancy massage, your back and muscles will be greatly relaxed  and it will improve the functions of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas, which works twice as more during pregnancy.

Regular massage (appropriate once a week) also improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces of stretch marks.

Massage of pregnant women is very soft and relaxing, focusing on overloaded loins and legs. Regular massages are a great way to relax and thereby strengthen and harmonize for expectant mothers. Massage is suitable for pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy.

When massage can not be done during pregnancy?

  • in the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy)
  • high blood pressure
  • extremely low blood pressure
  • in the last month of pregnancy (risk of premature labor)

Massage is also important in the postpartum time, because women give off a lot of energy at birth, which they need to supply back and cope with the stress accumulated during pregnancy and childbirth.

Massage is done only for healthy pregnancy, at problematic pregnancy is a consultation with a doctor important.

LAVA STONES MASSAGE ***** Time to warm up your body and relax your mind *****


Lava stones massage

Heat the body and relax the mind

The Queen of massage is a combination of special touches with the magical power of heated lava stones.

Luxury massage with hot lava stones – “MAGIC HOT STONES” perfectly warms your body, relaxes your mind, release back pain and relieves stress.

Lava stones massage is also called Queen massage, where special touches combined with the magical power of heated lava stones perfectly harmonize body and mind, relieve tension and bliss and the meditative turn can induce much faster than classic way of massage.

Let yourself be carried away by the waves of aromatherapy and romantic candles. This massage has been practiced since ancient times in the Hawaiian Islands. The basis of this unique massage is the use of special Hawaiian techniques, which are combined with hot lava stones, have a high therapeutic and relaxing effect.

HAWAII MASSAGE LOMI LOMI ***** The Touch of Hawaii Techniques *****



Relax and feel the touch of harmony
Massage of loving hands harmonizes your body and soul.

LOMI LOMI Hawaiian Massage is a therapy that has long time been practiced in the Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes it’s also called loving hands.

Massage, which is one of the most popular methods of relaxation with its soothing and therapeutic effects. It comes from very fine and fluid techniques that use not only your fingers and palms, but also the forearm and elbows of the masseur.

RESONANCE THERAPY WITH TIBETIENS BOWLS ***** Listen to the tones of the bowls, listen to your body *****



Listen to the tones of the bowls, listen and trust your body
Have the tones of the bowls with all their gentle vibrations.

Bits of various sticks on some “musical instruments” such as Tibetan bowls, cymbals, gongs, tuners, etc. are thrown out of them, creating harmonious sounds with a high tone that one perceives not only through his ear but also with his whole body. So everyone knows the sounds with all their subtle vibrations and our body is resonant with them.

The influence of music is influenced by several factors such as mood, mental state or personal taste. Sounds resonate in our body, whether we like it or not.

Every organ, every tissue in our body has its own frequency. Placing the bowl or tuning on individual body parts can result in slight vibration. The resonance of different parts of the body can alleviate or resolve any existing disharmony, blockade or even illness, while activating the self-healing ability of the body. Our body and mind experience deep relaxation and our everyday thoughts come to rest.

Sound vibrations create reflection and resonance in space, reach your ears, your heart and your brain, and then turn back to your heart.

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Why choose our RELAX STUDIO Explore your benefits with guarantee of high quality

Right in the historic center

Everything is close from us, we are in the heart of Olomouc

100% natural aroma oil

We use 100% Natural Salus Essential Oils

Free Wifi

Free wireless network in RELAX STUDIO

In-room massage

Possibility of ordering a massage directly in the room

Mood lighting

Adjustable LED lighting according to your mood and type of massage

Towel service

Shower, towel and bath towel are included in the price of massage

TV in the waiting room

Satellite TV will make your waiting for your procedure as pleasant one

Offer of a cup of tea

Possibility of ordering a cup of tea after treatment

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