A massage is a set of moves and touches in a given order. It has been used since prehistoric ages. Pain can be removed intuitively by rubbing, moulding and squeezing that are considered basic massage touches.

The oldest written notes about massages come from Egypt, from the time around 5 000 year AD. From the Egyptians the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks as well as the Jews have learned the knowledge of massaging.

You can choose from the following massage procedures:

Hotel ARIGONE Olomouc - Massage

You can enjoy a massage in our massage studio always in candle-light, with the scent of aroma lamps and with calming a relaxing music. The comfort of the massage is emphasised by the usage of warm aromatic oils of the highest quality. You will be lying on a heated massage bed using the technology of amethyst crystals.