About us...

We are no wellness hotel, but...

  • hotel guests can use two massage studios
  • alltogether our rooms offer 2 infrasaunas, 5 whirlpools and 6 steam-boxes

We are no green hotel, but...

  • part of the energy we produce using sun-light collectors
  • we respect ecological fundamentals in the exchange of bathroom laundry
  • hotel staff cares about waste sorting, no need for our guests to bother
  • we use energy-saving lightbulbs, as well as time and movement sensors in lighting switching
  • we participate in the project Tap water on rooms, the water quality corresponds to water suitable for infants, the certificate for water analysis is at the reception
  • 90% of hotel staff commute to work on bicycle or using public transport
  • a several-kilometre-long circle of parks starts in close distance from the hotel

We are no charity-organisation, but...

  • together with us, you can contribute to visually impaired and education of guide dogs
  • the contribution-box for your donations is at the entrance door to the hotel
  • the hotel donates the disabled with the same amount of money on every handover