Sauna and beer


Drink or not to drink beer after the sauna?

Beer is an ionic drink suitable for sauna use

Beer and sauna have several positive factors for our health. About the most important 5 factors about beer writes server Our digestive tract will certainly support a large amount of vitamins B and high levels of fiber, which are contained in beer. 

During the sauna theraphy, the body drains by sweating and at the same time the harmful toxins are drained out too. In addition: sweating in sauna contains 5-6 times more toxins, impurities and fats than ordinary sweat. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to refill liquids into your body after visiting the sauna and beer is a very popular and suitable ionic drink in this situation.


Ideal is a non-alcoholic beer, which is able to water the body very quickly and level the ions. And because non-alcoholic beer is purely natural beverage, it is much more suitable than any commercially available ionic beverage.


Moreover, according to experts, beer supports sleep or digestion. But in order to truly fulfill the function of a suitable drink for a healthy lifestyle, it is based on its moderate consumption.


You can find out most about the effects of beer in the book “Beer and Health or humankind has not invented a better drink yet”, where more than 30 doctors state in which cases hop drinks are beneficial and when they can harm them. A review of the book can be found on the server There has been a lot of documents written about beer as such, but the concept of the team of health professionals from the University Hospital in Plzen has a very special meaning: the positive side of beer drinking, mostly for a healthy organism, as well as the negative side (mostly for various diseases). The book is an expert opinion not only of doctors from Plzen itself, who mostly studied at the Medical Faculty of Charles University and works at the University Hospital in Plzen.


From Sept.9th 2019 to Oct. 31st 2019 you can take advantage of our event “AUTUMN WELLNESS WITH ION DRINK BEER-PILSNER URQUELL FROM US”, where you get 2 cans of beer PILSNER URQUELL or BIRELL (non-alcoholic beer) of your choice as a bonus.

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