Hotel ARIGONE Olomouc - Paraffin wraps

HerbalWax containing a combination of Ayurvedic herbs, that reduce local aches, esp. of the back and muscles. Also, it helps on the onset of viral diseases and chronic upper airways disorders. The use on the human body improves fluent blood circulation, therefore efficiently fights headache and migraine.

ChocolateWax containing 50% of pure cacao, that adequately supplies the skin with antioxidant elements. Chocolate sheathing provides the best even to high sensitive skin. It benefits also to your appearance and state of mind. Cacao stimulates and encourages your organism.

BeesWax containing more than 90% of pure bee’s wax, which can fully replace paraffin wraps. Additionally, while heated, bee’s wax releases its typical scent – the wrap is therefore an aromatic therapy for all senses.

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