Craniosacral therapy

A very delicate technique of stroking, that helps to reveal and rehabilitate imbalance of the craniosacral system, which can be the reason for sensual, motoric or neurological dysfunctions. The craniosacral system is composed of membranes and cerebrospinal fluid, which encloses and protects the brain and the spine. This system extends from the skull bones, face and mouth – that make the cranium – to the sacral part of the spine or coccygeal region.

The craniosacral therapy offers also somato-emotional release and thereby relief from past injuries and negative experiences, that originate out of overburdening, injuries or strong emotional effort (stress).
During the treatment, craniosacral therapy uses the touch of hands for perception of the craniosacral rhythm and with delicate techniques supports the harmonic flow and leads to a complex relaxation of body and soul. One of the aims of the craniosacral therapy is the activation of the „inside healer“, i.e. autohealing processes of the body. The effect of the therapy manifests up to 3 weeks after absolving the cure.

When is the craniosacral therapy well suited?

  • mental or physical tension, stress, concentration disorders, autism, dyslexia, addiction treatment support
  • back, head and neck pains, scoliosis, stomach and abdomen pain, problems with breath, asthma, alergies, articulation, movement coordination, joint pains
  • problems with vision and hearing, ringing in ears, inflamations, inflamations of nasal sinuses, strabism, tics
  • sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, depression, emotional instability, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue
  • reinforcing general imunity, vitality and libido, helps with impregnation and potention problems
  • posttraumatic and postoperative attention
  • jaw difficulties, bruxism
  • autism

Contraindications (when is this method not carried out):

  • intracranial bleeding
  • acute skull fractures
  • aneurysms – blood vessel bulge
  • hydrocephalus – head hydropsy

This method is relaxing even meditative, supports the processes of personal growth. In therapy the client lies dressed on a bed. Loose and comfortable clothing, esp. trousers are suitable.

For a more efficient and deeper penetrating therapy a series of 6-10 treatments in weekly intervals is recommended.

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